American shorthair

The classic touch, American Shorthair, sturdy alley cat is big in size and has an appetite to match. Optimally, these cats should be rounded and robust, firm and not flabby. Unfortunately, obesity is all too common in the breed. The American Shortair cat’s body is medium to large, solid, muscular and powerful; a real “cat’s cat.” His coat is short, dense and thick, in a myriad of colors, in tabby, parti-color and bi-color patterns.

The American Shorthair was one of the first five breeds recognized by the CFA, and was originally called the “Domestic Shorthair.” If you are looking for a low maintenance cat, the American Shorthair is right up your alley. They are solidly built cats, descendants of ancestors who arrived from Europe with the early pioneers, and are full-fledged All-American cats, just as the descendants of those human pioneers are All-Americans today.

In the early part of the 20th Century breeders started selectively breeding the American Shorthair in order to preserve its native quality. The result is a cat that is consistently rated among the most popular cat breeds.

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