Category: Cat Breeds

  • Ragdoll

    The Ragdoll is a relatively new breed of cat which was first bred by Ann Baker in California, USA in the 1960s. It is a common misconception that the Ragdoll was bred from the Birman breed but it is important to note that Ann Baker’s description of Daddy Warbucks was that he had the “appearance” […]

  • Manx

    The Manx cat originates from the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Britain in the Irish Sea. It is widely believed that because of this isolation the Manx Cat developed its tail-less trait. Today, the Manx is still part of that island’s population.   Appearance The Manx cat has the shortest body […]

  • Japanese bobtail

    The Japanese Bobtail is a natural breed that comes from Japan. Unlike many present day breeds, the Japanese Bobtail has existed for centuries. The breed has been depicted in works of art that we know to be centuries old. There is no shortage of Japanese paintings, sculpture and other artwork to demonstrate this point. This […]

  • Cymric

    It is thought that the Cymric Cat was named after Wales because this long haired version of the Manx was seen there some time ago. This seems likely as the north coast of Wales in about 50-70 miles south of the Isle of Man, the original home of the Manx Cat. However, the word “Cymric” […]

  • British

    Generally known as a British Shorthair, a British, and often abbreviated to BSH, this breed usually live into their early teens but it has been known for them to live much longer but generally 15 years is an average life span. The British Shorthair is one of the largest breeds of cat. It is chunky and […]

  • American wirehair

    American Wirehair cats are a breed that originated in upstate New York. The first American Wirehair cat appeared as a random coat mutation among a litter of six born to two barn cats. As of 2003, though this type of cat well known and they are ranked as the most rare of the 41 CFA […]

  • Sphinx

    The Traditional Sphynx has been recognized as a distinct breed of domestic cat for many decades. The first documented report was given by the German naturalist, Johann Rudolph Rengger in his book, “Natural History of the Mammals of Paraguay”, in 1830. Rengger said, “This scant-haired cat was the descendant of house cats taken from Europe […]

  • Siberian

    This breed originates in Russia, and was first imported into the USA in 1990. Colour varieties of the Siberian vary and all colours are genetically possible, such as tabby, solid colours tortoiseshell colours and colour point varieties. There is some depute as to the origins of the colour points in the breed but as long […]

  • Persian

    Contents 1 Introduction 2 Colours 3 Dietary requirements 4 Disease susceptibility 5 Breeders   Introduction Persians, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces are the number one breed in popularity. Their sweet, gentle, personalities blend into most households once they feel secure in their new environment. Creatures of habit, they are most at home in an atmosphere of […]

  • Malayan

    The Malayan Cat is an another name given to certain types of Burmese Cats. Traditionally the Burmese cat was accepted as a brown cat therefore any other colour Burmese are classified separately as Malayan cats. A Malay Cat therefore is any Burmese cat that is not of the traditional brown color.   references 1.