Category: Oncology

  • Cancer

    Cancer, or neoplasia, is the uncontrolled growth of cells due to damage to DNA (mutations). The cause(s) of cancer are complex and often multi-factorial. A leading trigger is chronic inflammation, from UV light, environmental chemicals, etc., accounts for approximately 25% of cancer cases, and viruses, bacteria and parasites contribute to a further 17.8% of the global burden […]

  • Lymphosarcoma

    Lymphosarcoma is a neoplasm of malignant lymphocytes in solid organs such as lymph nodes, bone marrow, or visceral organs such as the liver and spleen. Lymphosarcoma is usually amenable to chemotherapy protocols that are within the capabilities of most veterinary practices. Hematopoietic tumors are the most frequently occurring tumors in domestic cats, and they account […]

  • Lymphoma

    Feline lymphoma is a loose generic term for any feline tumour affecting lymph cells or lymph nodes[1]. Lymphomas are irregular (neoplastic) growth of lymphoid tissue as tumors, which can affect a single organ (e.g. kidney, mesenteric or mediastinal lymph node, spleen or liver). Whereas lymphoma have been classically defined as neoplastic cells found in fluid exudates (such […]