Category: Parasitology

  • Giardia spp

    Giardia duodenalis and G. felis are a cosmopolitan protozoan intestinal parasite that causes diarrhoea of cats[1]. Co-infection with Tritrichomonas fetus is common[2]. Similar to Isospora spp, and Cryptosporidium spp, Giardia spp have been reported to be found in a significant number of cats in multi-cat households and cat shelters, with a higher rate of infection in younger animals[3]. The infective Giardia trophozoites inhabit the mucosal surfaces of the small intestine, […]

  • Parasites

    The term parasitism may be defined as a two-species association in which one species, the parasite, lives on or in a second species, the host, for a significant period of its life and obtains nourishment from it. However, there are members of the scientific community who designate all infectious agents of animals as parasites including viruses, protozoa, bacteria and fungi as […]