It is thought that the Cymric Cat was named after Wales because this long haired version of the Manx was seen there some time ago. This seems likely as the north coast of Wales in about 50-70 miles south of the Isle of Man, the original home of the Manx Cat. However, the word “Cymric” is the native language of Wales and a form of Gaelic. Gaelic is or was spoken on the Isle of Man, in Ireland and Scotland. Cymric is used quite extensively in Wales still and the language is being kept alive. The English say that the people of Wales speak Welsh, but “Welsh” in Gaelic is Cymric.



It has been theorised that the Cymric was mated with a Norwegian Forest Cat which was imported into the Isle of Man by the King of Norway. Another theory is that the Cymric Cat breed was started in Canada in the 1960s.



Similar to the Manx cat, the Cymric differ mainly in having longer hair.

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