Originating in North America in the 20th century, the Kashmir is one of the newer breeds of Persians. Many organizations only recognize it as a color variation of the Persian and do not distinguish it as a unique breed.

An intelligent, self-confident cat, the Kashmir is one of the sweetest cat breeds known today. Described as a solid colored Himalayan or Persian, this breed possesses the same attributes characteristic of the Himalayan Persian. The Kashmir is a gentle, quiet, affectionate cat that enjoys nothing more than curling up next to its owners. It is a tranquil cat that is very devoted to his human family. While sometimes demanding, this outgoing cat requires nothing more than for you to show it the love it so easily gives to you. Because the Kashmir is such a relaxed breed, they are well suited to apartments and adjust to new situations rather easily. In spite of their adaptive behavior, they remain a quiet cat and prefer to be in environments similar to their temperaments. For this reason, if your home is noisy with other pets and/or small children, this might not be the breed for you.

A large cat, the Kashmir possesses a short, stocky body that is supported by equally short legs and ends in a medium length tail. Its small round ears rest on top of its round head. Like other Persians, the Kashmir has a short muzzle. Physically, it is exactly like a Persian with the exception of its striking coloring. The Kashmir has a long, silky and stunning coat. You can recognize a Persian by its unique colors of lavender (lilac) or chocolate. Its coat is exceptionally long and thick.

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