The Manx cat originates from the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Britain in the Irish Sea. It is widely believed that because of this isolation the Manx Cat developed its tail-less trait. Today, the Manx is still part of that island’s population.



The Manx cat has the shortest body of any of the cat breeds although its chest is quite broad and its short back arches from the shoulders to its round romp. This cat has a short neck and its hind legs are longer than its forelegs. In fact, the last vertebrae of the Manx cat’s spine is missing. You can find the Manx cat in many color varieties and patterns.



The Manx Cat Personality can be described as playful and the manx loves to perch on the highest possible viewpoint, even when indoors. The Manx has a funny habit of retrieving buried items and toys similar to the behavior of a dog. Overall, this cat is good-natured and friendly.


Disease susceptibility


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