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  1. Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten and providing properly for its welfare including following breeder’s instructions on care, housing, diet, and health.
  2. For quarantine purposes, the Buyer will not allow new kitten to play with any other animal for 1 week. This also gives vaccinations a chance to build immunity within the kitten. This also gives the kitten a chance to bond with new humans before bonding with other pets.
  3. Seller certifies that the kitten has been examined by a licensed veterinarian. Contact information is available upon request.
  4. Buyer has three days from date of receipt of kitten to have the kitten examined by a veterinarian of choice at buyer’s expense. If the veterinarian finds a health problem, the seller will obtain a second opinion from a veterinarian of the seller’s choice at seller’s expense. Should an irreconcilable health problem be found, buyer may return the kitten to the seller within one week for a full refund or replacement kitten of comparable value if available provided that the kitten has not been in contact with other animals.
  5. Buyer agrees to always provide kitten with prompt medical care by a registered veterinarian and never be allowed to harbor parasites. Buyer agrees to provide the kitten with the necessary F3 (Core) vaccination (killed vaccine) at 12 and 16 weeks and 1 year of age. Seller has provided up to date vaccinations (at least 8-week) and records thereof through the age of pick-up. After the first year, FVRCP boosters are required at three-year intervals.
  6. The seller reserves the right of first refusal to reclaim this kitten from the buyer, if the buyer, for any reason, cannot keep this kitten any longer. Seller has the option to find a new permanent home for the kitten / cat.
  7. Buyer agrees to provide exercise for this kitten, provide toys, and not cage it for prolonged periods of time. If possible, a companion cat or dog in the home would be an excellent source of companionship and exercise.
  8. The buyer agrees to maintain the cat indoors and provide necessary grooming and nail trimming. The buyer further agrees not to declaw the animal under any circumstances. Proper nail grooming, attention and availability of toys are sufficient means to prevent undesirable scratching. Outdoor excursions are to be supervised by the buyer for the health and safety of the animal. Seller has provided instruction to the buyer on how to clip the kitten’s claws.
  9. This kitten (or any of it’s offspring, if sold for breeding) will not be sold, leased or given to pet shop, shelter, or similar facility.
  10. If sold for breeding, all offspring pet kittens will be sterilized. Buyer must ask approval from seller before placing any kittens in a breeding program. This kitten/cat may not be resold, bartered or given away without first being spayed or neutered, unless returned to original seller.
  11. Buyer will contact seller at least at the end of the first month after purchase, to insure you and pet are happy together.
  12. Buyer agrees if any of the above terms are disregarded, seller may reclaim this kitten with no refund. The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated.
  13. The breeder guarantees that this kitten is presently free of disease, and that this kitten will be accepted for a full refund of purchase price if returned within 7 days with a veterinarian’s certificate that this kitten has a health problem, provided the kitten has been housed separate from other pets and in a clean and safe environment.
  14. The breeder warrants that this kitten is genetically sound, and will replace this kitten with another of comparable value when available at no additional cost, except for shipping, if this kitten dies within one year of a genetic defect. Said defect must be evidenced in writing in a veterinarian autopsy report presented to the seller. If no replacement kitten is available in a reasonable period of time (6 months), seller will

provide buyer with a full refund of the purchase price.

Limited warranty

This warranty pertains to the purchase of a cat/kitten by breeder. It is based on the buyer agreeing to purchase the cat/kitten at the nominated price and that the buyer is satisfied with the condition and general health of the animal at the time of final payment, has a copy of the receipt for payment and has collected or has received the pet via transport interstate to the buyer’s place of residence.

The warranty is conditional upon the buyer accepting the cat/kitten as is at the time of final payment, and that the buyer accepts the conditions of sale and the warranty attached to the sale. This warranty is void if the buyer fails to sign the said agreement or on-sells the cat/kitten or does not comply with the breeders stipulations regarding feeding, caring and health checks post-sale.

It is agreed, by signing this warranty, that the buyer will have the cat/kitten health checked by their local veterinarian, or a veterinarian recommended by the breeder, within a period of three (3) days (72 hours) after final payment for and receiving into their possession the said cat/kitten. The cost of the health check is not the responsibility of the breeder, and any untoward findings at the health check must be forward to the breeder via email, fax or by conversation with the attending veterinarian in order that the problem is address. If there is a health issue deemed urgently requiring medical treatment by the attending vet at the time of the health check, the breeder must be notified before instigating any such veterinary treatment or health intervention. Should the buyer begin treatment without notifying the breeder, the warranty is void. If there are serious health issues at the time of the health check (within 3 days of sale), the buyer has a further 4 days to notify the breeder. The breeder has the option to either fully refund all monies (except initial deposit) or to replace the cat/kitten with a suitable replacement. If in the first week, the cat/kitten has died or is euthanized as a consequence of a life-threating preventable illness, the breeder agrees to fully refund all monies (less the deposit) or exchange the cat/kitten for another suitable animal, providing veterinary information is forward to the breeder to establish the exact cause of death or euthanasia. A buyer’s word is no substitute for veterinary evidence in this case. Full histories of veterinary treatment must be forwarded to the breeder in order for the refund or exchange to occur.

  • Diseases which are covered within the seven (7) day warranty agreement
  1. Cat flu (Feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus, feline chlamydia)
  2. Ringworm
  • Diseases which are covered within the three (3) months warranty agreement
PKD (Polycystic kidney disease), FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis), Corneal sequestrum, Familial amyloidosis, Gingivitis, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Pyruvate kinase deficiency, Retinal dystrophy or Thromboembolism
  • Disease which are not covered within the seven (7) day warranty
Neglect, starvation, inappropriate diet, Giardiasis, Tritrichomoniasis, cat-fight wounds, infectious diseases such as bacterial septicaemias, FIV, FeLV,
  • Return or surrendering of cat/kitten

If within the period of three (3) days, the owner believes the cat/kitten unsuitable to the household, they have the right to request the cat/kitten be returned to the breeder. The breeder agrees to accept as returned, the said cat/kitten, and all monies (less deposit) will be refunded, regardless of cause of return/refund. Once the said cat/kitten is surrendered to the breeder, the buyer relinquishes all further responsibility of the cat/kitten and is deemed the possession of the said breeder.


If a kitten is sold as entire (not desexed) due to the young age or financial constraints of the buyer, the cat/kitten is required to be desexed within a period of three (3) months after purchased, confirmed by submitting a desexing certificate from a registered veterinarian. If a desexing certificate is not forthcoming, the sale is voided and no pedigree papers will be sent to the buyer.

If a Queen is sold for breeding, it is the requirement of the buyer to accept any health problems incurred during the stay at the buyers residence, or for any health problems with kittens during this period.

Signed at ……………. on this ……. day of ……………….. 20…….

by the purchaser of the kitten:

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