The best cat harness and leash [How to make the right choice]

It turns out that although it is not widespread, walking a cat on a leash is not at absolutely impossible. Like all other animals, your cat will also enjoy outdoor time, the singing of the birds and the scent of cut grass. Even more, walking your cat can turn into another nice way to spend time with your pet.

Naturally, not every cat will enjoy the idea, because as we know, these animals have a well distinguishable character, but you can at least give them the right to choose.

Going out of the house will only enrich their lives, at least because they will be able to scratch their nails to a real tree and even catch some animal if the life in an apartment has not completely destroyed their natural instincts.

Even if the first time, your pet is looking too startled, it should not despair you, because he will become used to the walks over time. It is also a good idea to try the harness and the leash in your apartment/house first, so when you go outside, your cat can feel comfortable with the new belongings.

There is also the likelihood that your pet very much enjoys going outside…

Of course, this scenario is also possible:

What kind of harness does your cat need?

Let’s start by saying that there are 2 types of harnesses. There are lead harnesses – a combination slip lead and harness, which is versatile. And there are vests – they are like ‘clothing’ for cats.

The lead should fit your cat’s neck – it should not be too tight, either too loose.

Cat harnesses are available in various colors and sizes, what is more, these items are way more affordable, compared to dog harnesses.

Will it fit?

Here’s a video on how to measure your cat for a harness:

Is it well-made?

Is it comfortable?
Does the harness suit your cat’s needs?

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