Category: Cat Breeds

  • Himalayan

    The history of the Himalayan is well known and documented. Experimental breeding of Himalayans took place in the United States and England as far back as the early 1920s when the Persian and Siamese breeds were bred together, but actual recognition as a purebred cat did not come until 1957 in USA. The name Himalayan […]

  • Domestic longhair

    Because Domestic Longhairs are of mixed ancestry, their temperaments can be hard to predict. Some cats are quiet and docile while others are more active and vocal. Some are affectionate, while others are independent. Most are playful when they are young. Some enjoy the company of children and other pets. All Domestic Longhairs have one […]

  • Cornish rex

    The story of the Cornish Rex begins in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. On 21st July, 1950 a tortoiseshell cat by the name of Serena & owned by Mrs Nina Ennismore gave birth to a litter of five kittens. One red & white coloured kitten in this litter had an unusual curly coat. The kitten was named […]

  • Bombay

    The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, closely related to the Burmese. The Bombay is noted for its shiny black coat and copper eyes and for its affectionate and playful temperament. Contents 1 History and Genetics 2 Characteristics and Temperament 3 Care and Grooming 4 Description 5 Recognition 6 References   History and Genetics The Bombay was developed by Nikki Horner, […]

  • American shorthair

    The classic touch, American Shorthair, sturdy alley cat is big in size and has an appetite to match. Optimally, these cats should be rounded and robust, firm and not flabby. Unfortunately, obesity is all too common in the breed. The American Shortair cat’s body is medium to large, solid, muscular and powerful; a real “cat’s […]

  • Spangled cat

    Like the Bengal, the California Spangle Cat is an “engineered” breed, which came to being from much the same intent: to publicize the cause of wild cats killed for their pelts. Unlike the Bengal, however, there is no wild stock in the genetic makeup of the California Spangle cat. This breed with the wild look […]

  • Oriental shorthair

    The Oriental Shorthair is a self-coloured (non-pointed) member of the Siamese Family. They can be found in solid colors (white, red, cream, ebony, blue, chestnut, lavender, cinnamon, or fawn), smoke (white undercoat to any of the above except white), shaded (only the hair tips colored), parti-color (red or cream splashes on any of the above), […]

  • Javanese

    Take one Balinese, dip in the colors of the rainbow and you have a Javanese. The Javanese is everything that is Balinese, and then some…the intelligence, grace and refinement of the Siamese, the luxurious silk of the Balinese coat, combined with the designer colors of the Colorpoint Shorthair. Named for the next island over from […]

  • Domestic medium hair

    Domestic Medium Hairs are not purebred cats, but are of mixed ancestry. Domestic Medium Hair cats have thick, double-coated fur. They come in every color seen in cats, as well as every pattern, including tabby, patched tabby and solid. Domestic Medium Hairs can have different body types and facial expressions, depending on the more prominent […]

  • Colourpoint shorthair

    The colourpoint shorthair is basically a Siamese cat with point colours others than seal, chocolate, blue or lilac. Other colours have been obtained by out crossing of Siamese to short-haired cats (British and American Shorthairs) of the required colours in order to introduce these colours into the points of the Siamese. Although regarded as Siamese […]